Introducing NEON.

Computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like us, with the ability to learn new skills, form memories, and show emotions.

  • Ready to Learn
    and Work.

    Your next teammate. Helping you serve your customers, better.

  • Always There.
    For You.

    Anywhere, anytime. Our collaborators and friends.

  • From Spanish to Japanese, from finance to music, NEON speaks it all.

  • Frank and Hana.
    Not ‘Hey NEON’

    Not an AI assistant. Not your 3D avatar. Simply a real friend.

Your next yoga instructor. A financial advisor. The K-pop star. And a friend who knows you. The world with NEON is about limitless possibilities. It is about that face-to-face, human connection.

*All NEONs and scenarios are fictionalized and simulated. For Illustrative purposes only.

  • 01

    How May I Help
    Mr. John.

    *NEON Frame™, NEON WorkForce™

  • 02

    Personalized Experiences.
    Feel Better.

    *NEON View™, NEON Frame™

  • 03

    Anywhere Anytime.

    *NEON View™

  • 04

    Joyful Moments.
    Not Online.

    *NEON View™, NEON Frame™

  • 05

    Learn and Grow.

    *NEON View™, NEON Frame™