NEON Studio

NEON Studio is our content authoring tool for businesses and creatives.
It brings you the power to create, customize, and publish video content
at scale. No lights, cameras, or actors needed.
Just your computer.

  • CastCast
  • ScriptScript
  • ActionAction
  • Fine-TuneFine-Tune
  • CustomizeCustomize
  • PreviewPreview
  • PublishPublish
  • ManageManage

Choose any NEON and
create a new project

Enter your script or audio file in the
language of your choice

Adjust facial expressions, or behavior
that suits your content

Apply voice stylings such as emphasis,
volume, and pauses

Customize the look, apply make-up, and
change backgrounds

Preview your content frame-by-frame and
modify until it is perfect

Publish content securely into the cloud
or stream it live

View or download all your published
content from your User Portal

NEON Content Creation

Professional content creation with NEON Studio.
Bringing you the full creative freedom of directing your next video content.
Call your shots and have NEON narrate your multi-lingual scripts.
Publish in your preferred format or broadcast live.

Create. At Scale. 4K.
On-demand broadcast-quality video content
Create custom NEONs or pick from many
Generate videos from text, script or audio
100+ languages and voices to choose from
Fine-Tune. To the Finest Details.
Apply mood or behaviors based on your script
Fine-tune movements, gestures, and facial expressions
Select speaking style, adjust voice tones
Customize look, apply makeup, change backgrounds
Publish. Or Stream LIVE.
Export in the format of your choice
Integrate with your production workflow
Live stream on your channel or broadcast in 4K